Message from the President


Satellite Network, Inc. (SNET) was founded in 1987 as Japan's first type Ⅱ telecommunications carrire utilizing private telecommunications satellites.

Since its establishment, we have been striving to provide our customers with solutions that meet each individual customer's needs as precisely as possible by constantly employing cutting edge network systems and IT technology.

Our service covers numerous areas, including building disaster prevention networks by making full use of the disasters resistance characteristics of satellite communication; offering efficient and stable video transmission services by maximize our flexibility and mobility in transmission route setting; and, monitoring, maintaining, and operating our customer's networks and facilities  on a 24 by 7 basis. By having network construction and operation services as our foundation, we enjoy the patronage of a variety of customers, including government agencies, telecommunications carriers, broadcasters as well as enterprises.

Nowadays, the advancement of innovative digital technology such as AI, IoT, and 5G has been drastically changing society itself, involving not only the lifestyle of each invidual but also indusrial structures.

In responding to these social needs in the new era, SNET has started offering innovative solutions including earth observation services by employing microsatellites and others.

SNET, inspired by the " ALWAYS PIONEER SPIRIT " is determined to keep making every possible effort to be your most trustworthy business partner by contributing as your IT & network provider.

Takayoshi Matsumoto

President and Chief Executive Officer
Satellite Network, Inc.