Message from the President

Message from the President

Satellite Network, Inc. (SNET) is a full-service provider, leveraging its edge on video & network solutions. As one of the core companies of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group, Asia’s largest pay TV platform and satellite operator, SNET offers integrated solutions by combining our diverse capabilities of video and satellite & terrestrial fiber networks to the critical industries, such as governments, corporates, and broadcasters.

SNET’s video solutions includes domestic and international video distribution, live broadcasting through SNG (satellite news gathering) and/or fibre, and playout operations, effectively using various types of platforms. In response to the increasing demand of higher-resolution, production and distribution service of 4K video is about to be launched in the near future.

Our unified network services to the corporates and the government agencies can also deliver consulting service to best meet the customer needs, as well as installation & maintenance service to carry out sophisticated system operations.

SNET’s network expertise is especially valued by the many corporate customers who requires highly secured communication means. Our service can play an important role as a part of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which will survive large scale, wide-area natural disasters.

We at SNET are committed to support our customers’ through our reliable video & network service, and to contribute for more affluent society.

Takayoshi Matsumoto, President and Chief Executive Officer
Satellite Network, Inc.